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Andraud, A. Fifteen Grand Solos de Concert for Oboe and Piano $25.00
  The Oboist's Concert Album $34.95
Arnold Oboe Solos $14.95
Craxton/Richardson   1st Book of Oboe Solos $12.95
  2nd Book of Oboe Solos $12.95
Dorati, A. Five Pieces for Oboe $15.00
Edlefson Oboe Soloist (with Piano accompaniment) $4.95
Editions Aug. Zurfluh. Paris Petites Pieces Tres Faciles pour Hautbois, Collection Les Jeunes Instrumentistes $18.75
Franck/Faure Two Pieces for Oboe and Piano, Piece V- Cesar Franck, Piece- Gabriel Faure $4.50
International Music Co. Contemporary French Recital Pieces for Oboe and Piano $15.50
Handel, G.F. Four Sonatas for Oboe and Piano (D minor, E minor, G Major, C Major) $12.95
Hinchcliffe Really Easy Oboe Book $10.95
Last Resort Music Twenty Encore and Recital Pieces for Oboe and Piano $18.00
Twenty Sacred and Spiritual Solos for Oboe and Piano $18.00
Twenty Traditional Wedding Solos for Oboe and Piano $18.00
Loeillet, J.B. Two Sonata for Oboe and Basso Continuo $10.95
Stacy, Thomas Solos for the English Horn Player $16.95
Tustin, Whitney Solos for the Oboe Player $14.95
Voxman, H. Concert and Contest Collection (oboe and piano) $10.45
Concert and Contest Collection: oboe part only $4.95
Concert and Contest Collection: piano accompaniment part only $6.95
Warner Brothers Classic Festival Solos, Volume 1 $4.95
  Classic Festival Solos, Volume 2 $4.95

Collections with CD Accompaniment  
Albinoni Oboe Concertos in Bb major, D major, and D minor $34.98
Bach, Quantz Quantz: Trio Sonata in C minor  
  Bach: Gigue from Sonata No. 1 $29.98
Big Swing Pop Short and simple songs to practice improvization. $14.95
Disney Solos for Oboe Selections from Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Lion King, Pocahontas, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Tarzan, Toy Story, and Hercules. $12.95
Handel, Telemann, Telemann: Concerto in F minor  
 Vivaldi Handel: Concerto No. 8 in Bb major  
  Vivaldi: Concerto No. 9 in D minor $34.98
Master Solos for Oboe Includes solo book with master lessons by Dan Jaeger, piano accompaniment book, and performance/practice track. $12.95
Mozart, Stamitz Mozart: Quartet in F major  
  Stamitz: Quartet in F major $34.98
Oboe Classics for the Beginner,           Elaine Douvas Selections include Franck, Strauss, Satie, Chandler, Gluck, Traditional Greensleeves, Grieg, Delibes, Boccherini, Wagner, Cesar Cui, and Walton. $29.98
Oboe Classics for the Intermediate Player,             Elaine Douvas Selections include Pierne, Corelli-Barbirolli, Telemann, Head, Nielsen, Barlow, and Hindemith. $29.98
Oboe Classics for the Advanced  Player,             Elaine Douvas Selections include Handel: Sonata No. 2 in G minor, Verroust: Solo de Concert # 2 & #3, Ibert: Escales, Hindemith: Sonata, and Hanson: Pastorale, Op. 38. $29.98
The Oboe Soloist, Delia Montenegro Selections include Bach, Telemann, Fasch, Handel, Loillet, Schumann, Wagner, Liszt, Bizet, Laurischkus, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Gliere, Yamada, and Berger. $34.98


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